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Our idyllic campground is located in one of the most beautiful places of Austria, embedded between vast meadows, near the pristine Altausseersee and surrounded by impressive mountains.

It is a place of tranquility and for relaxation. We ask all our guests to respect  the peaceful setting of this special place to guarantee a restful and peaceful vacation to each one of our guests. no groups.

Dogs are not allowed -

Arrival via B145, please follow the road direction Altaussee and Camping Temel.

our employees

we are a family business

Dear guests- Drons are prohibited on the camp ground as well as any publication of photos or videos (e. g. Youtube, Instagram, TicToc). This concerns the entire property, including the entire camping area, guests of the camp ground, the private areas of the host (e. g. garden, house), the host family as well as any neighboring (residential) areas - Please refer to, regard and respect the strict Austrian and European privacy and copyright laws (e. g. Bildnisschutz under §78 UrhG etc), which have been established to protect personal privacy and personal rights. Thank you!


adults                                 10,50€

children (3-15 )                    5,00€

car (not for sleeping)          3,00€

caravan                              5,00€

motorhome                         8,00€

motorcycle                          3,00€

tent  small                            3,00€   

tent big                                 5,00€

electricity                            4,00€

Charging electric vehicles is not permitted. Otherwise you will have to pay €50. 

tax adults                             3,00€

* per night

day visitors                          5,00€


— Saison —


2.10.2023. - 28.04.2024




 29.04.2023 - 30.09.2024




arrival and departure 

8:30 - 20:00

lunch break

no parking

12:00 - 15:00