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Our idyllic campground is located in one of the most beautiful places of Austria, embedded between vast meadows, near the pristine Altausseersee and surrounded by impressive mountains.

It is a place of tranquility and for relaxation. We ask all our guests to respect  the peaceful setting of this special place to guarantee a restful and peaceful vacation to each one of our guests.

Dogs are not allowed -

Arrival via B145, please follow the road direction Altaussee and Camping Temel.

our employees

we are a family business

The 63st Narzissenfest will take place from 1st to 4th June 2023. In this time we accept reservations for 2 nights or more


adults                                 10,50€

children (3-15 )                    5,00€

car (not for sleeping)          3,00€

caravan                              5,00€

motorhome                         8,00€

motorcycle                          3,00€

tent  small                            3,00€   

tent big                                 5,00€

electricity                            4,00€

tax adults                             3,00€

* per night

day visitors                          5,00€


— Saison —


2.10.2022. - 27.04.2023




 28.04.2023 - 1.10.2023




arrival and departure 

8:30 - 20:00

lunch break

no parking

12:00 - 15:00