— regulations —

Dogs are not allowed.

Check-in and check-out times daily               08:30 to 20:00

  lunch time   (no parking place)                     12:00 to 15:00

We don´t assume liability for damages caused by natural hazards, storm losses or other causes.

All campgrounds will be assigned - Please no setting up before you have been assigned a camp spot.

Please drive at walking pace. The speed limit on the campground premises is 5 km/h.

We ask you to refrain from staying on the commonly used paths and roads and use the assigned camp spot immediately after having been assigned to one.

Parents are responsible for their children.

Small children (under 6 years) are only allowed to enter the sanitary facilities  if they are accompanied by an adult.

"Mittagsruhe": from 12:00 to 15:00 o'clock we have established a quiet time and ask our guests to refrain from setting up or taking down camping equipment or participating in loud activities of any kind.

Sewage, waste of any kind etc. are only allowed to be disposed in the designated disposal areas.

Drons are prohibited on the camp ground as well as any publication of photos or videos (e. g. Youtube, Instagram, TicToc). This concerns the entire property, including the entire camping area, guests of the camp ground, the private areas of the host (e. g. garden, house), the host family as well as any neighboring (residential) areas - Please refer to, regard and respect the strict Austrian and European privacy and copyright laws (e. g. Bildnisschutz under §78 UrhG etc), which have been established to protect personal privacy and personal rights.

We ask our guests to recycle the trash strictly and throw waste of any kind in the designated trash bins. Trash is to be separated by organic garbage, paper, plastic, metal and glass. Anything else can be disposed in the regular garbage bin ("Restmüll") Please understand that only household garbage can be disposed of on our premises - the disposal of bulky items such as chairs etc. as well as dangerous waste (e. g. batteries) is prohibited.

Vehicles of any kind as well as hangers are only allowed to be parked on the assigned camping spot.

The cleaning and washing of vehicles of any kind is forbidden.

Charging electric vehicles is not permitted. Otherwise you will have to pay €50.

Recreational biking, running and skating etc. is not allowed on the campground.

Open fires are prohibited. BBQing is allowed as long as not banned by campground management.

Air conditioners are only allowed to be used after obtaining permission.

Please note that loud noise of any kind (e.g. loud music) should be avoided.

Should external visitors not be registered with the campground management, you as a guest of the campground might also be ask to leave. Visits by external visitors are allowed on the premises until 21:45. Our nightly quiet time starts at 22:00. Extensive lighting after 22:00 is prohibited.

On your departure day we ask you to leave the camp spot the latest at 12:00 (noon). A later departure is possible, if thespot has not been reserved for or assigned to someone else. However, a later departure is only possible after obtaining permission from the campground management.
Otherwise an additional day will be charged.

Payment is only possible in cash. No credit or debit cards!

Guest, who do not follow the regulations of our campground, will be ask to leave their camp spot and the campground without delay. Already paid camping fees will not be paid back.

Leaning bicycles against the trees and putting up washing lines is not aloved. 

Please don´t feed our pets. 

Tranquility, peace and quiet are priority - no groups!