Our campground in Altaussee was founded in the year of 1996 by Fam. Temel senior. Since spring 2012 we - Līga and Stefan - haven taken over.

With the season of 2018 we have decided to change our concept and tread on new paths.

Due to its exceptional location between the high mountains of the Ausseerland and its close vicinity to the deep blue Altausseersee the campground offers the ideal place for recreation and relaxation to our guests - for enjoying nature or simply coming to the country for a "Sommerfrische".

"Sommerfrische" is an old-fashioned German word, relating to the seasonal move of people from the city to the country during the summer months in former times.

The "Ischler Wochenblatt" of November 25,1894 reported that the beautiful valley, which until then rarely had seen tourists, was experiencing a new upswing,
since Prince Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe-Schillingfürst (31.03.1819 to 06.07.1902) has settled in the area. According to the paper the number of summer guests had
increased significantly from year to year and so had permanent settlements to accommodate them. The "Ischler Wochenblatt" stated in the same article that Altaussee had become one of the most favorite summer retreats at the time.

In the late 19th century and the years thereafter it was mostly aristocrats, prominent politicians and wealthybusiness men, who were able to afford such a "retreat" from the city. They would go for long strolls, climb mountains, enjoy the existing health resorts, participate in the cultural events of the area or simply relish in the high arts of doing nothing.

Why should we forget about this long existing tradition of "Sommerfrische"?

Especially today, in a time of multitasking, when everyone's daily lives become faster and faster, when everyone feels constantly under stress, we would like to provide a place of tranquility and relaxation to our guests.

It does not matter, if you are a "city-person" or a "country bumpkin" - we would like to invite you as our guest to:
*take time...

*experience and discover with all your senses the nature around you and what lies within you....

*get to know and love the "gentle" tourism that our region traditionally is known for....

*discover the surrounding mountains and enjoy sporty activities on your excursions....

*dive into the deep blue Altausseersee and savor the freely accessible shores of the lake....

*and to simply discover the hidden and indiscernible...

You can walk to the center of Altaussee and enjoy the culinary variety of the region in several different restaurants and

Bad Aussee, a cute little town located in the center of Austria, is located only 3 km from Altaussee and offers many opportunities to stroll and shop. Bad Aussee also provides a variety of cultural programs and evening entertainments.

On rainy days the "Narzissenbad" in Bad Aussee (4 km), the Grimmingtherme in Bad Mitterndorf (15 km) and the Salzkammerguttherme in Bad Ischl (25 km) invite you to relish in warm water, enjoy one or the other wellness treatment or simply have relaxing day by the pool - gazing onto the pristine mountain scenery surrounding you.

Altaussee also is known for the biggest active salt mine in Austria. Especially when the weather is not so nice the salt mine is a well-known place to visit and explore. Let the guides take you on a time travel to the "Berg of Schätze" (mountain of treasures) deep into the mountain to explore its geological and mining history.

Dear dog owner - Please understand that unfortunately the conflicts between guests and dogs have increased over the
last few years, so that we have decided that in the future we will be a dog-free campground.